• I try to keep my "brand name" consistent by using MaxwellFury everywhere. It's easier to find someone online if they use the same username. Since Maxwell is my real name and Fury is one of my nicknames, it made sense to combine them. However, I've seen that MaxwellFury is already in use for Gmail and Reddit. If elsewhere, I'm not aware of it yet.

  • If you find my arts, photos, info, and so called “conversation screenshots” from any other sites than the ones linked in this Carrd, it‘s not me. It can be folks sharing stuff, art thieves, cyberbullies, impersonators, or someone from my blacklist. Don't believe content from "internet haters" and by whatever names they go, especially with how easy one can fabricate messages. Unfortunately, this has happened to me and I need it noted in case. If you see my stuff or info used elsewhere, don't harass the user(s.) Don't drop to their level. Report them and/or message me.